Terms and Conditions

Payment and Cancellation

It is the customer's responsibility to check the order at the time of purchase and before signing or making a deposit payment.  A minimum deposit of 50% is required on all orders.  Cancellation of orders will incur a charge equivalent to 25% of the items total value.  Cancellation of items ordered by Rivermead Global, specifically for a customer order will incur a charge equivalent to 100% of the canceled items total value.

Outstanding balances for furniture packages must be received in the Rivermead Global bank account no less than 30 working days prior to scheduled installation date. We reserve the right to delay delivery until cleared funds have been received followed by a new delivery date for the furniture package.

Rivermead Global furniture packages for inclusion into Rental Guarantees require 40% deposit and the balance to be paid a minimum of 6 months prior to installation.  This is due to the scale of work involved and the requirement to have specific orders in to plan the importation of the furniture and buy all items ready to furnish and avoid delays in the opening of resort style developments.

Rivermead Global interest free stage payment plan for your furniture pack allows you to spread the cost of your furniture over the build of your property.  If taking this offer, there must be a 20% deposit paid on ordering and the balance paid in either monthly or quarterly payments, with the final payment being in our account a minimum of 30 days prior to the furniture being fitted. If we have not received the full balance in our account the furniture will not be fitted and we will be entitled to keep 50% of the monies paid to date.

Prices shown are current at the time we listed them however, we reserve the right to change the price if we find an excessive increase when we come to purchase and will give the client the right to pay the extra or cancel the order for that item.

We are currently able to offer the following payment methods: Debit cards including Visa Electron and Maestro. Visa, MasterCard, Cheque, cash, Paypal and bank or online transfers all in  Sterling currency only. Unfortunately we are currently unable to take card payments over the telephone.  All card and Paypal payments will have a 2% admin fee added.

Customers wishing to pay by cheque must pay 10 working days before delivery, cheques should be made payable to "Rivermead Global Property" and posted to Rivermead Global Ltd, Chambers Business Centre, Chapel Rd, Oldham, OL8 4QQ
Details to make a transfer to Rivermead Global Property business account
Account Name: Rivermead Global Property
Account Number: 51549723
Sort Code: 40-43-35
IBAN: GB78MIDL40433551549723

Customers please note that ALL bank charges are to be paid by the issuer and not the beneficiary


Delivery and Acceptance

Customers must be aware that the arrival of products ordered from manufacturers and suppliers may be subject to variances from the estimated delivery date. We endeavor to meet all scheduled dates however on occasions delays in the arrival of products may require the rescheduling of deliveries.

All goods must be checked on delivery by the customer or their representative, we do however give a 14 day period after installation to give clients time to visit their properties to check the goods. We do not take responsibility for any damages or losses that occur after this time.  Should the hanging of mirrors, pictures or curtains be included in a package quote customers must be aware that unless specific location marks are left for our installation team it is possible that positioning may not be exact. Our highly trained staff will make every effort to locate items accurately and safely however no responsibility is accepted should the installation of these items result in any damage to the property. Please ensure that you have contents insurance for your property.

In the event of a client returning goods, proof of purchase and payment must be produced and the goods made available for returned within 5 days of purchase. Credit Notes will be issued for any goods returned. Goods returned will only be accepted in good condition. A delivery charge may be levied for the collection of goods.

A member of our team will liaise with the necessary parties to make sure delivery takes place. Customers must be aware that it is their responsibility to ensure that the property and entry is available to Rivermead Global on the prearranged time and date. Failure to do so will result in an extra delivery costs equal to £3 for every 5km distance traveled in the round trip from our Hurghada warehouse. Customers are also reminded that the property must be in a fit state to receive the goods upon delivery, failure to do so will also result in an extra delivery cost calculated in the same way.

If an agent or "key holder" is used for access to the property, the client is responsible for ensuring the delivery can take place and must arrange this accordingly and confirm access with our delivery team. We cannot guarantee prearranged delivery times and dates if 3rd parties are not available to arrange access.

Furniture packages cannot be booked for delivery until the property is finished to a degree that is acceptable for the delivery and installation of new furniture. We are unable to deliver to properties unless they are fully painted and with electricity and water. Access to levels above the 3rd floor requires an operational lift and all other routes must be by conventional staircase. Should an item of furniture not fit through these accesses it will be deemed the responsibility of the customer to arrange installation or alternatively the furniture will be returned and subject to applicable delivery and cancellation charges. Once furniture has been installed and delivery signed off, the items are then the responsibility of the customer and not Rivermead Global.

If delivery is delayed more than 1 month from the original estimated delivery date a storage charge equal to £5 per item of furniture per week will be payable prior to the rearranged delivery date.  All goods remain the property of Rivermead Global until the balance of the complete order is paid in full.

Availability of items

The choice/style of items offered may change due to availability of the advertised items, if this happens Rivermead Global will endeavor to find a suitable replacement and let you know as soon as possible.

Prices shown are current at the time we listed them however, we reserve the right to change the price if we find an excessive increase when we come to purchase and will give the client the right to pay the extra or cancel the order for that item.

Developers packages

If you are purchasing a developers package, Rivermead Global take no responsibility for the furniture, fitting or aftersales we are only engaged to market and sell the packages on behalf of the developers.  If you have any issues these need to be taken up with the developer.


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